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Why choose A&Y?


1. Because we're winners.

You know those people who are willing to lose in order to keep the "fun spirit of the game"? That's not us. We play to win. And when it comes to you, we work hard to make sure that you're on the winning side. We're willing to go the extra mile to make sure that at the end of your case, you emerge out of those courtroom doors a winner. We're trusted by the SBA, the FDIC, and several publicly listed banks to win their cases - and we exceed their expectations every time.


2. Because we're smaller.

Good things come in little packages. And for you, the fact that we're small is a great thing - it means we get you the answers quicker.


3. Because we're down-to-earth.

We don't live the high life. We're people just like you who know what you want in a law firm - personal attention, sympathy,  and professionalism are all qualities that we guarantee to provide. We understand you, and what you need is our top priority.


4. Because we're frugal.

Getting the most bang for your buck is essential in this day and age. That's why trusting us means that none of your hard earned money gets wasted - we promise to provide the most cost-efficient and effective service possible, so that for your money, you get even more results than you expected.


5. Because we're experienced.

The old saying "things get better with age" couldn't be truer. We're seasoned professionals who have been doing what we do for twenty years. We know the law.  We know the courts. We know the government and they know us, and that's why they trust us with their cases. Because we've gotten better with age.


6. Because we're on the cutting edge of technology.

Let's face it - most law firms are dinosaurs when it comes to technology. By making sure that we're up to date and utilizing the latest technologies, you benefit - it means you're not dealing with people who are incompetent. You're dealing with the professionals that you need.